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SQLite3-OCaml - SQLite3 Bindings for OCaml

What is SQLite3-OCaml?

SQLite3-OCaml is an OCaml library with bindings to the SQLite3 client API. Sqlite3 is a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine with outstanding performance for many use cases.

These bindings are written in a way that enables a friendly coexistence with the old (version 2) SQLite and its OCaml wrapper ocaml-sqlite.


The API in file src/sqlite3.mli is fully documented. It can also be found online.

SQLite3 has its own online documentation.


The test-directory in this distribution contains a few simple examples for testing various features of this library. The tests can be run by executing dune runtest.

Build issues

SQLite3-OCaml depends on pkg-config to locate and compile against an SQLite3 library.

If the SQLite3 version is greater than or equal to 3.3.7, it is assumed that it supports Run-Time Loadable Extensions. If this feature has been explicitly disabled in the library, building applications will fail with:

Undefined symbols for architecture ...:
  "_sqlite3_enable_load_extension", referenced from:
      _caml_sqlite3_enable_load_extension in libsqlite3_stubs.a(sqlite3_stubs.o)
     (maybe you meant: _caml_sqlite3_enable_load_extension)


Contact Information and Contributing

Please submit bugs reports, feature requests, contributions and similar to the GitHub issue tracker.

Up-to-date information is available at: