Module Res.DefStrat

Default strategy for resizable datastructures

type t is a triple waste, shrink_trig, min_size, where waste (default: 1.5) indicates by how much the array should be grown in excess when reallocation is triggered, shrink_trig (default: 0.5) at which percentage of excess elements it should be shrinked and min_size (default: 16 elements) is the minimum size of the resizable array.

type t = float * float * int

The abstract type of strategies.

val default : t

Default strategy of this strategy implementation.

val grow : t ‑> int ‑> int

grow strat new_len

val shrink : t ‑> real_len:int ‑> new_len:int ‑> int

shrink strat ~real_len ~new_len